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Dog Clicker 

Clicker Training Online Course Page

Thank you for your interest in our free Clinker Training online course. We have recently done a review of our website and decided to do away with this email course.  Instead, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on writing and posting all our articles and instructions on our website, so that more people will have access to our works.


How Our  Dog Clicker Training Articles Are Organised

If you are looking for Dog Clicker Training articles, you will notice they are organised into 3 difference sections:

  1. Clicker Training Articles - Where most of our articles, relating to clicker obedience are found
  2. Dog Behaviour Problems - Where handling of common dog behavior issues are covered
  3. Dog Tricks - Where our articles on Dog Tricks, taught using a clicker are found


As always, if you find our website useful, please feel free to link to us